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Shungite: What is it & how to use it

I've been asked a few times over the last few months about Shungite, once I managed to do a bit of research about it, I was keen to get some in at La Luna - everyone seems to be raving about this powerful purification and protection stone!

What I found out:

The only place in the world where Shungite can be found is in the region of Karelia, in Russia, this is also where it gets it's name from - a village there called Shunga. Making this wonder stone a very rare, Carbon based, noncrystalline rock, which looks similar to Coal, which also has the ability to conduct electromagnetic & geothermal energy. This gemstone was formed about 2 billion years ago. Shungite contains almost the entire periodic table of the elements as well as fullerenes - which make it extremely useful for boosting the immune system by eliminating toxins, bacteria, viruses & free radicals. When placed in water, fullerenes in Shungite attract & neutralise waterborne contaminants.

Making Shungite one of nature's alternatives to purify your water, cleaning it from almost all organic compounds, metals, bacteria & harmful microorganisms. An amazing example of water purification by Shungite is the water from lake Onega in Russia. This lake has been in contact with Shungite for thousands of years, making its water pure enough to drink straight from the lake!

Drinking water infused with Shungite is reputed to have an overall energising & rejuvenating effect on the body & skin. It can also be used to cleanse the face, apparently helping to eliminate irritation, itching & rashes. Shungite water is also known to strengthen the hair, giving it a healthy shine.

In regards to Shungite's healing properties, it is thought to have the ability to neutralise the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation, it can also absorb negative energies, removing it from a person or from a space. Helping to keep us grounded and protected, reducing stress by transmuting negative emotions into positive energies!

Due to all of the above, it's very important to regularly cleanse and recharge your Shungite. If using solely for it's metaphysical healing properties, you can cleanse your Shungite under a Full Moon, or by smudging with Sage or Palo Santo, or by placing it with a Selenite crystal - a super cleansing gem that cleanses everything it comes into resonance with, especially your other crystals. I'd recommend doing this once a month.

If you are using your Shungite to purify your water, you should regularly rinse your Shungite stones under clean, running water, then dry them in the sunshine for a few hours - this will give them a little boosting recharge too! Replace these stones every 6 months, after this period they will no longer purify your water, but will still hold their metaphysical healing properties.

How to use to purify water:

  • Rinse your Shungite stones, without soap, under running water.

  • Put the the shungite stones in a jar and pour cold water in the following proportions: 100g of Shungite per 1 litre of water and cover. Or place a medium sized piece in a pint glass of water.

  • Some say leave them for 30 minutes like this and the water will be cleansed, better yet, leave it in the water for 2 -3 hours.

  • But for best results - and what seems like a resounding vote, that in order to enable the water to acquire all of the healing properties - leave covered in a fridge for 8 – 10 hours, or overnight.

  • Remove the Shungite from the water and enjoy!

I'd personally recommend taking this slowly by introducing this way of drinking water into your life bit by bit, slowing increasing your intake each week, you don't want to overwhelm yourself, as you are changing the ph levels of your water, so I'd recommend doing your own research into this, especially if you have medical conditions such as stomach ulcers. If you're fit and healthy, go for it, but slowly whilst taking note of how you're feeling day to day, week to week as you increase intake.

I have tried and tested this the pint glass way and can confirm that I definitely tasted a difference for the better! After a solid 8 hours, my tap water tasted MUCH cleaner and almost felt different, like slightly thicker/creamier - if that makes any sense?! A LOT better than straight from the kitchen tap, that's for sure. I will slowly start using this method more in my life and am interested about using this water to clean my face, I really do hope it strengthens my hair over time too.

How to use for metaphysical healing properties:

  • Place around your electronics, such as TV's, microwaves, mobile phones and so on to absorb electromagnetic radiation, protecting yourself from them nasties!

  • When you feel you need a good bout of grounding, Shungite's got you! Simply hold in your hand and take deep breaths, or better yet - meditate with it.

  • To keep yourself protected from negative energies and toxic people, try wearing Shungite jewellery or carrying a piece on you in your pocket.

Personally, I quite enjoy the feel of Shungite! It has a strong yet subtle energy to it, so I went ahead and tried a 20 minute deep breathing meditation, holding my piece of Shungite in my hands, which were rested in my lap. I certainly felt very grounded afterwards, there's for sure something special about this super black gemstone/mineral....and I can't wait to facilitate more of it in my life by placing it round my electronics in my room. Especially taking note to put a piece on my bedside table, so it's next to my phone that I place there while I sleep at night.

Get your Shungite at La Luna by clicking here!