Turquoise Peacock Dreamcatcher

Turquoise Peacock Dreamcatcher

Bright, bold and beautiful! Make a statement on your wall with La Luna's Turquoise Peacock Dreamcatcher.


The Peackock as an animal represents awakening, guidance, protection, royalty, spirituality and vision. For this reason, many believe that having a peacock feather in the home will bring protection as their 'eyes' watch over their home and the feathers in general can help to absorb negativity and bring in good fortune. 


Plus, they are absolutely beautiful! 


    Being a handmade product, each Turquoise Peacock Dreamcatcher may vary very slightly in colour, size, shape and feathes, making each one unique.


    Approx dimensions are as follows:

    Height 58cm,  Width 22cm, Depth 2cm.

    Weighing 65g.