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Triple Moon Altar Bell

Triple Moon Altar Bell

Triple Moon Altar Bells at La Luna.


These can be used to cleanse your crystals, during your spiritual rituals and/or practices. A lovely, smoke free alternative to smudging, bearing in mind that there are fears that Palo Santo and Sage are in danger of being over harvested.


As well as smudging for cleansing a space of negative energy, you can also use the vibration of sound, crystals particularly respond well to this in fact, using vibration of sound to help cleanse the vibration of your crystals.


Sharp, sudden sounds, such as a ringing bell, vibrate on a frequency beyond what our ears can detect, compelling the objects and the space you are ringing in to resonate in harmony and neautralise any negativity.


These frequencies can even penetrate resistant energy blocks that smudging alone can’t always get rid of, therefore using sound can give an all round cleanse.


A lovely addition to any sacred altar space or zen den.


Bells are used during spiritual rituals in many religions such as Wicca, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity.


    Made from Brass. Comes in a plain white box.


    Approx dimensions as follows:

    Height 32cm,  Width 10cm, Depth 3cm.

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