Tibetan Tingshas

Tibetan Tingshas

New Tibetan Tingshas at La Luna, they create the sweetest sound, these small bells originate from Tibet and are used by Buddhist practitioners, as well as by Meditation and Yoga teachers.


Solid but small enough to fit in your palm, making them perfect to carry on your travels and to your practices. Another great use for these is for cleansing your crystals with sound vibration! 


They are played by hitting the two edges together and then allowing them to move apart from each other so that the tone can resonate throughout the room. Watch the video to see for yourself.


Each Tibetan Tingshas are made from Brass metal and come complete with The Ashtamangala, also known as the 8 auspicious symbols - which have significance in not only Buddhism but also in other Indian religions. They are generally symbols of good fortune & an enlightened mind. See below for a description of what each symbol represents.


Golden Fishes:

The Golden fishes represent breath & prana (life force) because they are reminiscent of the ida and pingala energy channels of the body which regulate the breath. 

Other forms of symbolism from these fish include freedom & abundance with the fish having complete freedom of movement throughout water.



The Parasol represents protection from harm and illness, just like a parasol protects from the sun. It also represents the expansiveness of your crown chakra, through the expansiveness of the canopy.


Conch Shell:

The conch shell is a symbol that represents educating and taking care of yourself. Seen with many deities, it is how they spread their message using the conch like a speaker.


Endless Knot:

The Endless Knot is included to show that everything in life is interwoven and interdependent. Your future outcomes are rooted in what you do today.


Victory Banner:

This is the type of banner that was flown once battles were won . The Victory Banner represents overcoming defeat & attaining happiness.


Dharma Wheel:

The Dharma Wheel represents all of Buddha’s teachings. The wheel is a symbol of the never ending journey to self improvement. There is no end.  


Treasure Vase:

The Treasure Vase represents health, longevity, prosperity, and empowerment. This symbol is seen a lot through different sects of Buddhism.



Through the lotus we see purity of the mind, body, & speech represented. With non-attachment we can find this purity within. The lotus floats above the muddy waters of attachment & desire, as should we.


    Made with brass and nylon cord.


    Approx dimensions are H23cm X W7cm X D7cm.


    Weighs 1250g.


    Please note that these are not children's toys.


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