Spring Equinox Crystal Infused Candle

New Spring Equinox Candles, handcrafted with plant wax, pure essential oils and infused with crystals to mark the 2020 Spring Equinox.


You have sweet and slightly smoky Vetiver as the base, zesty, fresh and uplifting Grapefruit as the main body. Then, notes of floral Egyptian Geranium with a touch of herbal Clary Sage! The Grapefruit and Geranium hit you first, then strong tones of earthy Vetiver with a touch of velvety Clary Sage.


Smells like a fresh Spring Morning!


These all natural, plant wax candles have been boosted by the power of crystals! Carefully selected for their connection to this Spring Equinox, these crystals are;


Green Aventurine:

Brings a fresh, Spring energy with a sense of renewed vitality.



Brings light, joy and optimism.


Moss Agate:

A crystal of new beginnings that brings clarity and grounding.


With a touch of zest sprinkled on top!!


These candles are perfect to burn before and during meditation or yoga practices, plus any moon rituals you decide to partake in...or any other time you wish to fill your space with the light and fresh energy of this 2020 Spring Equinox..


I really hope you enjoy these candles as much as I did creating them....


    Made with upcycled jars, pure essential oils, plant wax, crystal chips, zest and stabilo wicks.


    As these have been hand crafted using natural products, each Spring Equinox Crystal Infused Candle will vary slightly in colours, pattern and size from one candle to the next, making each one uniquely beautiful. 


    These have been made with 7% essential oil in 20cl plant wax. 

    These candles will burn up to 50 hours, clean burning with no presence of animal products, paraffin or soot.

    Trim wicks between burns.

    Never leave a burning candle unattended.