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Spring Equinox Crystal Candle

Spring Equinox Crystal Candle

The Spring Equinox Candles are back baby!


Each candle comes in its own tin, complete with a lid, helping to keep the candle fresh and dust free in between burns. Plus you got a handy little storage tin once the candle is done.


These candles are small batch made at La Luna using an eco wax blend of coconut and soy, a special blend of pure essential oils, infused with crystals and topped with Chamomile flowers, all to help you harness that Spring Equinox energy.


The special blend of essential oils is to recreate that smell of a fresh spring morning. You have sweet, earthy and grounding Vetiver as the base, then zesty, fresh and uplifting Grapefruit as the main body. Followed by fresh notes of Egyptian Geranium to help balance the mind, with a touch of herbal Clary Sage well known for it's soothing properties.


The Grapefruit and the Geranium will hit your sense first, followed by undertones of the Vetiver and a touch of that velvety Clary Sage.


Infused with carefully selected crystal chips;


Green Aventurine:

Brings a fresh, Spring energy with a sense of renewed vitality



Brings in light, joy and optimism, a fantastic manifestation booster too


Moss Agate:

A crystal of new beginnings that brings clarity and grounding


Chamomile flowers:

Represent peace, purity, rebirth, renewal and the Sun.


All perfect for the Spring Equinox and beyond, whether you just wish to mark the occasion in your space, use the candle as a meditation tool or for setting your next intentions and manifestations.


    Made with eco wax, pure essential oils, crystal chips and dried flowers.


    Trim the wicks between each burn.


    Appox 50 hours burn time.


    Never leave a burning candle unattended.