Spiral Cage Pendant

Spiral Cage Pendant

Simple, yet effective Spiral Cage Pendants for your favourite crystal to go inside so you can wear and synchronise with it's energy throughout your day....


Too many crystals in your collection that you don't know what to do with them? Keep putting them in pockets or wallets then misplacing them? Maybe you need one of these bad boys!


Can swap what crystal you wish to wear each day, depending on how you're feeling before you leave home..


Also a really cost effective way to wear expensive crystals as jewellery, such as Larimar and Rainbow Moonstone - which can get really expensive when wanting it set in a piece of jewellery...

Can be a tumbled piece or raw, whatever you feel drawn to...

They have stretch for expansion so the biggest crystal you could get in there would be approximately 2cm or two smaller ones around half this size...

Options to buy the pendant alone for £2.50 to add to one of your own chains or add a faux suede cord or silver plated trace chain for a small extra cost, just select so from the drop down list when adding to cart and if necessary, please put the length of cord or chain you'd like in the notes at checkout if not having a choker.


    Approximately 2.5cm in size. 


    Silver plated copper. 


    Add on prices:


    Faux Suede Choker (13cm) - £2.50

    Faux Sude Cord any length up to 30cm - £3.50

    Silver Plated Trace Chain any length up to 30cm - £5


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Email at lalunahernebay@gmail.com