Small Selenite LED Lamp

Small Selenite LED Lamp

New small LED Selenite USB Lamps at La Luna.


These are so cute! Plug them into your laptop or anywhere you like with a USB adaptor plug...


They shine so bright and beautiful....Selenite is great to have in any room or space, with its cleansing and clearing properties, transmuting negative energies into positive and keeping those vibes high.


Key words: Spiritual activation, Communication with the Higher Self, Cleansing, Clearing, Meditation

Chakras: Third eye, crown

Element: Wind

Zodiac Sign: Taurus


Selenite Crystal Healing Properties:

Selenite is the key to unlock a doorway to higher realms, a great tool to clear blockages on emotional and physical levels. Its gentle energy is very soothing. Selenite stimulates the emotional body and compels us to move forward with our lives. Cleanses and shifts stagnant energies within which in turn can help to bring balance and stabilisation to the body and the emotions. With it’s lovely high vibration and cleansing and clearing properties, Selenite is a popular meditation tool, literally melting away any negativity and enhancing your meditation practice overall. A self cleansing crystal that cleanses all it comes into resonance with, including your other crystals. To cleanse your other crystals with selenite, simply place them on or around your selenite crystal and leave for half an hour or overnight for a thorough cleanse.


Selenite History and Uses:

Selenite was named from the Ancient Greek word selene meaning moon, in ancient times people believed that certain transparent stones waxed and waned with the moon. Selenite refers exclusively to the transparent and colourless form of gypsum. A self cleansing crystal that would appreciate a little bit of love from time to time with some charging in the sunlight or some sound healing from a singing bowl.


Selenite Geological Description:

Selenite is a form of Gypsum, a hydrous calcium sulphate mineral with a hardness of 2. It forms as an evaporate in clay beds and around hot springs. Selenite is found in many countries including Australia, Mexico, Greece and the USA.


    Being a natural product, please note that each Small Selenite LED Lamp will vary slightly in size and shape, making each one uniquely beautiful to you.


    Selenite doesn't really like water, will loose it's pretty sheen if it gets too wet, so dry dust only. Fragile too, please treat with TLC.


    Approx dimensions:

    Height 15cm, Width 5cm, Depth 5cm.