Selenite Triple T-Light Holder

Selenite Triple T-Light Holder

New to the Selenite range at La Luna is this fabulous triple tea light holder! 

The Sacred Selenite Tea Light Holders are very popular at La Luna, so felt to up the game and add this triple beauty!


This will be bringing in the right vibes to any room you decide to place this Selenite Log Triple Tea Light Holder, transmuting negative energy into positive and cleansing all that it comes into resonance with - really pretty lit up too!


Place your crystals around this piece and leave overnight to give them a thorough cleanse...


Light three tea lights in this holder and have nearby when you're next meditating to give your meditation an extra boost by allowing the Selenite's properties to help to clear the mind and relax the body....


    Being a natural product, each Selenite Triple Tea Light Holder will vary very slightly, in shape and size, making each one truly unique! 


    Selenite is a fragile crystal, so please treat with the upmost TLC, this crystal also does not like getting wet, so please dry dust as necessary.


    Approx dimensions are;

    19cm wide

    7cm tall

    9cm depth

    Weighs around 1.5-2kg