Selenite Hand Of Hamsa T-Light Holder

I'm obsessed with the Selenite! 


Saw these and I couldn't resist adding them to the Selenite range at La Luna. Check out these cute Hand of Hamsa Tea Light holders created from Selenite crystal!


These are great for those looking for something truly different to add to their crystal collection that doubles up as a fabulous home decor item too.


The Hand of Hamsa is a is a widely known symbol that originates from the Middle East, it is a protection amulet that will ward off negativity from it's owner as well as being believed to bring in good fortune, happiness, luck and good health.


Being made from Selenite is the perfect compliment to this symbol, Selenite also keeps negative energies away with its clearing and cleansing properties.


Light an essential oil tea light candle in this crystal holder and have around you when journeying, meditating, doing yoga or creative expression to bring in beautiful enhancing energies to whatever spiritual practice you do.


    Being a natural product, each Selenite Hand of Hamsa Tea Light Holder may vary very slightly in colour from one tea light holder to the next, making each one truly unique.


    Selenite does not like water! Please dry dust this when necessary, this crystal is also fragile so needs to be treated with care.


    Approx dimensions are;

    10.5cm long by 8cm wide with a depth of 4cm and weighs around 400g