Selenite Cleansing Bowl with Base

Selenite Cleansing Bowl with Base

Selenite Cleansing Bowls at La Luna.


Perfect for those who worry about how to cleanse their crystals. 


Do you Sage? How do I Sage?

When is the next Full Moon? Ah I missed it, gotta wait another four weeks!

Can this crystal go in water? 

What salt can I use?

I don't have anything to cleanse it with sound...

All of those above worries need not be when you have a Selenite Cleansing Bowl!


Selenite has a high vibration that gives this crystal the ability to remove blocks and negative energy from other crystals and gemstones, cleansing and magnifying the energy of anything that is placed upon or round the crystal.


Making them the ideal tool for all types of energy cleansing, be it cleansing of the body, cleansing of your jewellery and cleansing of your crystals, simply pop your crystals or crystal jewellery pieces in the bowl and leave over night for a thorough cleanse.


    Being a natural product, each Selenite Cleansing Bowl will vary slightly in shape, size and colour opaqueness, making each one uniquely beautiful.


    Selenite is a fragile crystal that needs to be treated with TLC, this crystal does not like water so please do not use water to clean it - dry dusting only.