Sacred Selenite Tea Light Holder

Sacred Selenite Tea Light Holder

Lover of the Selenite like me?

I simply cannot get enough of this SUPER cleansing crystal!


A Sacred Selenite T-Light Holder (or two!) would make the perfect addition to your crystal collection. I call this crystal the super cleanser as it's self cleansing as well as being able to cleanse all resonance energies, such as the rest of your crystal collection by simply placing them around this crystal.


Use to to promote a peaceful environment wherever you place one of these tea light holders, with it's power to transmute negative energy into positive within the space.


Selenite has a high vibration that can be used to remove blockages and stagnant energies from the body, as well as negative energies from the mind, which in turn brings deep peace, calm and mental clarity - perfect for meditating with.


    Being a natural product each Sacred Selenite T-Light Holder will vary slightly in shape, size & weight slightly from one t-light to the next, making each one unique and beautiful in it's own right.


    Please note that this crystal is fragile and does not like water, will loose it's sheen, dry dust only.