Ruby in Matrix Tumbles

Ruby in Matrix Tumbles

Another newbie to the Smooth Crystal Collection at La Luna are these stunning Ruby in Matrix large tumbles, the Ruby inclusions are just so jemmy and juicy, it's fab! 


Reach for this crystal when you are feeling zapped of energy and/or passion, when you wish to bring back action and a zest for life again, also handy for manifestation work.


Keywords: Adventure, courage, enthusiasm, life force, passion, strength and protection

Chakra: Base

Element: Earth

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Birthstone: July, August, December

Wedding Anniversary: 15th,  40th & 52nd year.  60th year – Star Ruby


Ruby Crystal Healing Properties:

Ruby speaks of the sensual pleasures of life and teaches us to enjoy being in the physical world, encouraging a passion and zest for life, whilst stimulating life force energy!

Boosting joy, laughter, positive dreams and spontaneity whilst stimulating the Pineal Gland. It can help with recovery from past emotional or physical trauma, supporting healing and promoting vitality. Ruby instils courage and is a good ally for manifestation and reaching goals, also believed to help us attain wealth. It is very supportive of the base and sacral chakra and can assist with infertility.

Ruby’s intense energy sharpens the mind, bringing a heightened awareness and excellent concentration, , and may increase one’s success in controversies and disputes.

Can help reduce fear of the paranormal and evil, banishes nightmares, and guards against psychic and psychological attack. It is a shielding crystal, protecting the home from fire and intruders, and is good to wear discreetly to stay safe at night


Ruby History and Uses:

Ruby is one of the four precious gemstones, along with Diamond, Sapphire and Emerald. It has been revered since ancient times in many cultures as a talisman of protection, passion and prosperity. Ruby represents the irrepressible energy of the sun and was worn to ward off plague, banish unwanted thoughts, warn of danger, banish bad dreams and resolve disputes.  Legend has it that Kublai khan exchanged one of his cities for a large Ruby, and Burmese legend states that a Ruby under the skin will make the wearer invincible.


Ruby Geological Description:

Ruby is a red variety of corundum, an aluminium oxide with a hardness of 9. The intense red colour comes from Chromium. Rubies have been found in Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, India, Brazil and the United States.


    Being a natural product, each Ruby in Matrix crystal will vary in colours, pattern, shape and size, making each one truly beautiful and unique.


    Aprrox 3-4cm in size.


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