Rose Quartz Roller + Gua Sha Box Set.

Rose Quartz Roller + Gua Sha Box Set.

The new Rose Quartz Roller + Gua Sha Set put together for you from La Luna.


Complete with a Rose Quartz Roller, a large Rose Quartz Gua Sha tool and a 10ml bottle of Rose Absolute Oil 5% dilution in Golden Jojoba oil, which can be an option to take out and just have the crystal facial beauty tools.


La Luna's recommended way to use these would be, reach for the facial roller each morning after washing your face but before moisturising, allowing the crystal's energy help to boost the start to your day with some vibes of self love whilst banishing puffiness and sleepy eyes. 


Then each evening before bed, use a few drops of the Rose oil or some water to help glide the Gua Sha tool over your face to help move Qi energy, rejuvenate the skin as you sleep.


Rose Absolute oil has wonderful benefits for the skin, diluted 5% in Golden Jojoba makes it a lovely little all natural night time oil for the face. Rose Absolute is said to help rejuvenate the skin and enhance wellbeing, while Golden Jojoba is super moisturising and has anti-ageing effects.


Using these regularly will help to improve fluid tissue circulation, lymphatic drainage and help bring a daily glow to your complexion as well as keeping you emotionally balanced from the Rose Quartz' energies. 


The set is available with the option to take out the oil, reducing the price to £45, both variations come with a handwritten info card on how to use these crystal healing beauty tools. 


Keywords: Love, gentleness, emotional healing

Chakra: Heart

Element: Water

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Libra, Scorpio

Wedding Anniversary: 2nd year


Rose Quartz Crystal Healing Properties:

Rose quartz is the quintessential stone of love, for others and your self. It is calming for the mind; assisting us to release worry, fear and past emotional trauma. It allows us to be more open to receiving and sharing love, compassion and kindness. It provides physical stability and strength to the heart.


Rose Quartz History and Uses:

Rose Quartz, named for it’s rosy pink colour, is also called Pink Quartz or Hyaline Quartz from the Greek word hyalos which means glass. Revered as a heart stone by many cultures including the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Tibetans and Chinese. It has been used since 600BC as a love token due to its aphrodisiac properties and its ability to promote unconditional love. In ancient Egypt and Rome it was used as a face mask to beautify the complexion and remove wrinkles.


Rose Quartz Geological Description:

Rose Quartz is a member of the quartz family, a silicon dioxide mineral with a hardness of 7. Rose Quartz is found in Brazil, Madagascar and South Dakota, USA.


    Please note that the roller now comes with silver finishing and the rose is now a cream colour with a tinge of pink!


    Please seek medical advice before using the oils if you are pregnant or on any medication.


    When adding to cart, select if you wish for the box to come with the Rose oil or not, then check the photo that comes up to ensure that you have the box set that you desire before adding to cart, should you decide to order.