Rose Quartz Aura Half Polished Point #2

Rose Quartz Aura Half Polished Point #2

Iridescent Rose Quartz Aura Half Polished Point with a flat cut base, listed as 'Sold As Seen' on the La Luna website, this is number 2.


These pretties have all the properties of a natural Raw Rose Quartz, just magnified by being heat treated with Platinum metal. This transforms the crystal into a shiny rainbow of beautiful metallic colours when you play with it in the light!


The platinum brings its own grounding and amplifying properties that enhance not only the appearance of the crystal, but also its energy. 


Self love, love for life and love for others will be amplified...

Cleanses your aura with loving energy. All Aura Quartz' cleanse and protect the Aura, in this case - with nourishing, loving energies.


Can help to create a better energy flow in the home.


Rose Quartz Aura will help to boost emotional balance, healing and well being. Really powerful for heart healing.


Aura Quartz can help to facilitate communication with higher connections, guides, past lives. 


Use this crystal to boost Heart centre meditations....


Crystals shaped into points, concentrate and direct the energy out of the apex, the tip of the point. This ability has many uses and makes crystal points one of the most sought after shapes.


One good way to use them is for amplifying and directing the energy to help you acheive certain goals, wishes, dreams, or intentions.  Use your point when setting these, the crystal point will help to concentrate and direct this right into the universe. This can help to speed up those manifestations into reality.

Get theses shapes involved in your crystal altars and grids, power them up!

Points are also good for energy healing in the body, use the tip facing inwards to direct the healing energies where you want them, or have the tip facing out from the body to help draw the negative energies out.

Crystal points are said to raise our personal vibrations and empower us, they can also raise the vibrations in a space, such as the bedroom or work desk.


    Listed 'Sold As Seen', meaning the Rose Quartz Aura Half Polished Point you see photographed in this listing will be the actual piece you will receive, should you decide to order.


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