Raw Opal Aura #5

Shiny, iridescent Raw Opal Aura - new in at La Luna. 


These pretties have all the properties of a natural Raw Clear Quartz, just magnified by being heat treated with Platinum metal. This transforms the crystal into a shiny rainbow of beautiful metallic colours when you play with it in the light!


The platinum brings its own grounding and amplifying properties that enhance not only the appearance of the crystal, but also its energy. 


Mental clarity, manifestations and intentions will be amplified...

Cleanses your aura with loving energy. All Aura Quartz' cleanse and protect the Aura, in this case - it will stimulate, balance and cleanse all of the Chakras as well.


Can help to create a better energy flow in the home.


Opal Aura will help to bring in joy, hope, optimism, love as well as healing hurt and traumas. Will help to boost the immune system whilst bringing the whole body into balance.


Aura Quartz can help to facilitate communication with higher connections, guides, past lives. 


Use this crystal for meditation when you want to get into a deep state of meditative awareness, said to help ground the information received during meditations into the physical body, whilst helping to bring a complete union with the divine and cosmic consciousness.


    Listed as 'Sold As Seen' meaning the Raw Opal Aura you see photographed in this listing will be the actual crystal you receive, should you decide to order. 

    Approx dimensions to follow: