Raw Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holder

Raw Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holder

These beautiful Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holders are the perfect gift or treat to yourself! When a lit tea light is placed inside, these natural holders emit a gorgeous glow, helping to restore calm & peacefulness, to create the perfect boho chic / zen space!


Himalayan Salt comes from the foothills of the Himalayas - in the Pakistan region. These raw chunks are carved out with the inside hollowed so it can hold the tea light. Try placing a naturally scented tea light inside to boost the calming zen vibes your holder will create when in use!


Please state when ordering if you would prefer a lighter or darker hue holder and I will do my best to accomodate!


    Due to the natural formation of Himalayan salt each candle holder will vary in colour, size and shape. No two pieces of Himalayan salt are the same which only adds to the charm!

    Approximate size: 4” x 3” 

    Because these are natural salt products, do not place directly on polished wooden surfaces. They will sweat if placed in a damp area - this proves that they are authentic and working how they should be! Because of this, I recommend placing your Tea Light Holder onto a decorative plate or holder, to avoid risking leaving marks.


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