Raw Fuchsite Chunks

Raw Fuchsite Chunks

Raw Fuchsite Chunks at La Luna.


Reach for this crystal when you are in need of some relaxation and rejuvenation of your body, heart and soul.  Work with this crystal when you need a little help to reach a deep mediative state during your meditation practice too.


Keywords: Growth, healing, rejuvenation, relaxation, self worth, well being

Chakras: Heart, third eye


Zodiac Signs: Aquarius, Libra


Fuchsite Crystal Healing Properties:

Referred to as the 'Healers Crystal' or the 'Crystal of Fairies' due to it's powerful healing and rejuvenating properties, that can help provide nourishing vibrations for the body, heart and soul. 

Fuchsite links the intellect of the mind with the intelligence of the heart, which helps us to understand our interactions with others and deal with issues of servitude, so that we only do what is necessary for someone else’s soul growth. Teaches true self worth.

It can direct us to the most holistic action to take and can open you to receive guidance on health matters and well being. Fuchsite is a crystal of renewal and regeneration, imparting resilience after trauma or emotional tension. When needed, Fuchsite can guide us into a relaxed state that is perfect for someone looking to engage in deep meditation sessions


Fuchsite History + Uses:

It's a fairly common mineral first discovered in the early 1800’s and named in honor of the famed German mineralogist Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs.  It has been traditionally used by shamans and healers to find the root causes of disease and to connect with the earth elementals, fairies and devas. Some claim that Fuchsite can be used to enhance psychic abilities. Mainly used during fasting times to help reduce hunger, provide energy, relieve dehydration, bring sparkle to the eyes, sheen to the hair, as well as, help in situations of insomnia and excessive sleep.


Fuchsite Geological Description:

Fuchsite is also known as Green Muscovite and Chrome Mica, is a crystal of the mica family, it has a hardness of 2 to 2.5. It's green color comes from the natural addition of Chromium to its genetic compound. It's usually a very light green stone but it can also be found in a medium to dark green.

Fuchsite crystallizes in the form of masses, scales, layered plates, and even tiny tabular crystals. 

Fuchsite can be found all over the world however a few countries such as Brazil, South America, and India are known to have some of the most beautiful pieces. Other notable localities include Russia, the United States, Germany, Madagascar, and Switzerland, often found as an inclusion with ruby and granite.


    Being a natural product, each Raw Fuchsite Chunk will vary slightly in size and shape, making each one truly unique.


    Approx 4-5cm for the smaller £2.50 chunks.