Raw Carnelian

Raw Carnelian

Raw in it's natural orangey, reddish beauty are these beautiful Carnelian chunks! This crystal is an amazing one to hold when you're feeling a bit sick, nauseous or have indigestion - speaking from experience here!


All of these pieces are gorgeous, some have beautiful Agate bands or quartz features....


Carnelian is also a recommended crystal choice for those that are going into new business ventures, giving it's owner courage to just 'take that leap' and go for it! Be your own boss, smash those goals and generally living your best life!


More Carnelian info below;

Key words: Courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence, action

Chakras: Base, sacral, solar plexus

Element: Fire

Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Leo

Birthstone: May, July, August

Number: 5


Carnelian Crystal Healing Properties:

Carnelian is a stone of action, helping us to ‘take the leap’ and manifest our thoughts and desires. It helps one to overcome fear and to embrace change and transformation. It is a stone of leadership and courage. Carnelian strengthens and fortifies the physical body, bringing vitality and detoxification.


Carnelian History and Uses:

Carnelian varies in colour from pale to deep orange and can often be banded, it’s name is said to derive from the Latin word ‘cornum’, a type of red cherry. Traditionally it was believed to bring courage in battle to the wearer and to help timid speakers become bold and eloquent. In ancient Egypt it was called ‘the setting sun’, it was believed to protect against accidents and master architects wore Carnelian to denote their rank. In Ancient Rome it was thought to bring prosperity and good fortune and hot wax doesn’t stick to Carnelian so it was often used as a carved signet ring for sealing documents. If you need some inspiration to put your dreams into action, Carnelian is an excellent healing crystal to help you achieve your goals.


Carnelian Geological Description:

Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony, a mineral of the quartz family with a hardness of 7. The quartz in Chalcedony forms in fibrous layers, unlike the sugar like grains found in Jasper. Carnelian is found in India, Brazil and Uruguay.


    Being a natural product, each Raw Carnelian chunk will vary slightly from one to the other in shape, colour and size - making each one uniquely beautiful in it's own right!