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Pink Tourmaline in Matrix Point #1

Pink Tourmaline in Matrix Point #1

Pink Tourmaline in Matrix Point number 1 at La Luna...


Keywords: Emotional cleanser, joy, relaxation

Chakra: Heart

Element: Water

Zodiac Sign: Libra, Scorpio, Taurus

Birthstone: October


Pink Tourmaline Crystal Healing Properties:

Pink Tourmaline generates feelings of joy, happiness and relaxation. It helps us to find strength in vulnerability and feel joy in all of our learning experiences. As a powerful emotional balancer and cleanser, Pink Tourmaline is a great ally to help deal with stress. It is an excellent crystal for sensitive & hyper active children who have trouble sleeping.

Encourages compassion, enlightenment, forgiveness and passion, whilst diminishing fears and worries.


Tourmaline History and Uses:

Tourmaline has been known since ancient times, a likeness of Alexander the Great carved in India in the 2nd or 3rd century BC has been found. It is the only gemstone which has such a wide variety of colours including red, pink, green, black, blue, violet, yellow and brown. Each of the different colours have different healing properties. This amazing crystal is pyroelectric and piezoe