Palo Santo

Palo Santo

Have got a new batch of this and was able to buy bigger which means am able to offer you better prices! Also an option to get a chunky piece or a skinny piece with a small price difference...


No longer £1.99 a stick, now 99p for a skinny or £1.50 for a chunky :)  


Cleanse yourself and your surroundings with the powerful, masculine energy of Palo Santo.


Hand picked, environmentally friendly and ethically sourced from the northern coastal region of Peru, from wood with a completed natural life cycle as well as the dead trees and fallen branches, which is only when the natural creation of it's distinct aromatic scent happens.


Palo Santo stimulates the senses whilst encouraging a deep sense of relaxation. Characterised by an intense, refreshing camphor and citrus-like scent.


Bringing your mind, body and spirit in harmony together.


    Being a natural product, each Palo Santo stick will vary slightly, in size, colour and shape. 

    Each stick is around 10cm long. 

    La Luna recommends trimming off the black, burnt parts once you have finsihed using the Palo Santo for smudging to ensure a clean burn on the next use. 


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