Peppermint Essential Oil (10ml)

Peppermint Essential Oil (10ml)

La Luna's Organic Peppermint Oil from the EU is known for it's cooling sensation and clearing, calming effect on the mind & body. Another useful oil around the home as it has antimicrobial properties as well as being an insect repellent too!


A deep inhalation of this minty oil will clear a foggy mind when you need to get back on track with a project and/or work. Good to use for vapourisation when you have a blocked nose or a bit of a head cold! Peppermint is a top note so will evaporate quickly in a burner or diffuser and works well when blended with the following oils: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Sweet Orange & Rosemary.


Usually £3.99, on special offer of £2 whilst stocks last.


    Being a menthol oil, if you plan to use this on the body in any way, please ensure you blend this well with a good quality carrier oil. ALWAYS check the blending with carrier oil ratio before using on the skin!


    Keep away from children & eyes.


    Seek medical advice if pregnant or have a medical condition.


    Do not ingest.