Native American Style Dreamcatcher

Native American Style Dreamcatcher

Add some bohemian style decor to your home or work space with one, or more, of these dreamcatchers, inspired by traditional Native American designs.


There are four different colour variations available, choose from white, black, tan or turquoise. Hang them in your windows, above your beds or your walls, get creative and hang them from under your shelves or amongst your indoor plants...


Dreamcatchers originate from Native American tribes. There are many variations of how exactly, but one that struck a cord and resonated with me when researching it years ago, is that they were crafted to protect the new born babies of the tribes, the webs catch the bad dreams, letting only the good ones through, come sunrise the bad dreams caught in the web are cleansed away by the energy sun...


    Approx 16cm in size


    Available in four colour choices, please select which one you'd like when adding to cart, once selected, check the photo that comes up to ensure you have the one you wish for.