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Mini Spirit Quartz Points

Mini Spirit Quartz Points

New batch of Spirit Quartz in at La Luna from Namibia, found only in the Magaliesberg Mountain region, first appearing around 2001.....a crystal of alignment and harmony for all!


Not only is this variety of Quartz stunning to look at but they are powerful crystals to have in your collection, with their formation of many, many points that amplify the power of the main crystal that direct out these healing energies, making them perfect for those who do healing or light work.


Keywords: Alignment, harmony, merging with the higher self, purification, protection, spiritual evolution, freedom from fear

Chakras: Solar plexus, Crown

Element: Storm

Zodiac Signs: Libra, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces, Capricorn

Number: 5


Spirit Quartz Crystal Healing Properties:

Spirit Quartz helps harmonise and cleanse the levels of the aura, the chakras, the meridians and the physical body. It transmutes negative energy and provides an auric shield from harm. It assists in the integration of energy on a physical level and can help eradicate discordant vibrations from the energetic field. It encourages cooperation, group consciousness and a willingness to set aside the self in favour of the higher good. It can assist those who have a fear of social situations to become open, friendly, and less shy. It helps overcome fear and is an excellent support to ease feelings of loss or grief.


Spirit Quartz History and Uses:

Also known as Cactus Quartz, Porcupine Quartz or Spirit Crystals, these crystals are I only found in South Africa. It is characterized by its formation of tiny, druzy crystals covering the shaft of a larger quartz point. Spirit Quartz is found mainly as light coloured Amethyst, which gave it its name after a South African window cleaning product called Spirit which is the same light purple colour. It is also found in Clear Quartz and less often in Citrine or Smoky Quartz. Traditionally Spirit Quartz has been used to support astral travel, shamanic journeying, dream work, re birthing, and meditation.


Spirit Quartz Geological Description:

Spirit Quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral with a hardness of 7. It has an unusual growing habit where a central candle shaped crystal with a faceted termination is the main crystal body which is covered in small terminated points. These crystals are most usually of amethyst and only found in Magaliesburg, South Africa.


    Please note that being a natural product, each Mini Spirit Quartz Point will vary in colour, patterns, size and shape, making each piece truly unique.


    Approx 15 - 25mm in size.


    Sourced from Namibia.