"Make it Rosy" Bath Bombs

These “Making it Rosy” bath bombs will help you to feel like life is just Rosy & positive with its deeply nourishing coconut oil, blended with Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil, then packed with dried Rose petals that really release the Rose aromas when they melt into your bath water.


Rose Geranium Oil has a very relaxing, calming effect that will work wonders on relieving feelings of stress & anxiety, due to this soothing effect, this bath bomb would make an ideal pre bedtime bath ritual to improve your sleep quality. Also acts as a natural cleanser & hydrator for your skin.


Available in 3 sizes with the largest ones containing a cute little Rose Quartz crystal within, to further infuse your bath water with its emotionally balancing & healing properties. Place this crystal on your bedside after your bath to bring a sense of peace to your bedroom space.


I’ve really enjoyed making these so lots of lovely good energy to them too!