Large Brass Singing Bowl

This large high quality brass singing bowl has been ethically sourced and can be played with a wooden stick.


Check the video out to see it in action!


Singing Bowls have been used for thousands of years, their origin is believed to be from either Nepal or India, and it was in the late 70's that they became popular throughout the western world, used by Yoga and Meditation teachers in their practices worldwide today.


Not only are they ornate and sound amazing, but their sound vibrations are said to have healing properties when regularly used, listed for you below:


1. Promotes feelings of deep relaxation

2. Feelings of anxiety and stress are reduced

3. Your Chakras will thank you for the balance they bring

4. Stimulates the immune system

5. Enhances meditation practices

6. Improves circulation and blood flow

7. Can use to cleanse your crystals, in fact, I personally feel that this is the most effective way to cleanse your crystals, they are vibrational after all!


Bring the magic of sound healing into your life with one of La Luna's Brass Singing Bowls.


    Made from Brass metal. 

    Comes boxed with wooden beater and little cushion.


    Approx dimensions are as follows:


    H7.5cm X W13cm X D13cm and weighs 630g.


    This is not a children's toy.