Large Aragonite Star Cluster #1

Large Aragonite Star Cluster #1

You guys have been LOVING the medium Aragonite Star Clusters, so I decided to get a couple Large ones too, they are double the size of the smalls. Listed as 'Sold As Seen', this is cluster number 1.


Reach for and work with this crystal when you are going through a difficult time, let it illuminate your strengths and capabilities to pull through.


Keywords: Acceptance, Centering, Conservation, Stability

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Element: Earth

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn

Number: 9


Aragonite Healing Properties:

A crrystal of acceptance, centering and stability. Connected to the Earth Goddess, makes this crystal a powerful Earth healer with it's energies that will encourage us to protect our planet by gently encouraging and reminding us to conserve and recycle.

This crystal will also help us with clarity, giving us a clear view of the realities of a situation. Helping us to focus on the important matters, as well as aiding us with it's grounding and stabilising properties during stressfull times. Aragonite can also be a reminder of our strengths during difficult times, illuminating our capabilities. 


Aragonite History and Uses:

Aragonite was named in 1790 after the Spanish province of Aragon, where it was first found. It is a popular glassy ornamental stone that can be found in layered, clustered or banded varieties. The shells of certain mollusks, such as abalone, are actually made of aragonite, which gives them a mother-of-pearl luster. Many fossil shells now composed of calcite were originally formed of aragonite, which is unstable in high pressures and temperatures. These fossils have usually lost their original pearly luster. Natural pearls are also mostly formed by aragonite which bonds with conchiolin, a process that takes 7 years to complete.


    Sold as Seen means the Xtra Large Aragonite Star Cluster you see in the photos, will be the actual product you recieve if you order...


    Approx dimensions to follow.


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