Incense Vial Refill

Now you can get your incense vial refill online!


If you've purchased a High Quality Incense Vial from La Luna before, don't throw the vial away once you've used all your sticks.


Get eco conscious and have a refill - another 15 sticks at just 15 pence each, for £2.50, recycle the glass and help the planet, save some money while you're at it. 


Just add the Incense Vial Refill to your basket, then select the aroma you wish to top up.


If you'd like to mix and match it up to keep things interesting, then select 'Mix & Match' and then select 'ADD A NOTE' when on the payment page for the order, here you can let me know which sticks you'd like in the refill, please state an amount of how many sticks in each aroma you would like, selecting up to 15 sticks.


    You get 15 sticks per vial, each stick burns for approx 45mins to an hour.


    Being a handmade product, sometimes the sticks will look slightly different in colour and size from time to time, but the aroma will always be amazing!

    Please note, this is only available for those who have purchased a High Quality Incense Vial in the past and need a refill. If I cannot see that you've purchased this before in my records, I may ask you to send a photo of your empty vial.

    This is to keep things fair for everyone, thank you in advance for your understanding.