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Imperial Topaz Tumbles

Imperial Topaz Tumbles

New in at La Luna are this lil golden Imperial Topaz tumbles...


Reach for and work with this crystal to boost abundance, creativity and manifestations.


Key words: Abundance, connection, energy, manifestation, will power

Chakras: Solar, sacral, base, crown

Element: Air

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio

Birthstone: November


Imperial / Golden Topaz Crystal Healing Properties:

A great crystal choice to help activate the lower chakras, which in turn will help boost personal will and the ability to manifest our desires. This golden crystal will also help activate the Crown Chakra, helping to direct our energy into form and connect with our source. Boosts abundance, creativity and spirituality.

Great for helping to recharge us when feeling depleted, both spiritually and physically, by bringing in energies of faith