Aqua Calcite Tumbles

Aqua Calcite Tumbles

New batch of even more Aqua-ier Aqua Calcite Tumbles, the colours are SO stunning!


An interesting Calcite that is a lovely mix of both blue and green, creating that overall, beautiful Aqua colour. 


This crystal is perfect to reach for when you need to bring in some calm, peace, whilst guiding you towards positive self care.


Key words: Calming, communication, connection with Guides, enhanced soulmate connection, healthy habits, peace, self care, spiritual growth

Chakras: Heart, Throat

Element: Water

Zodiac Signs: Aquarius, Cancer, Pisces


Aqua Calcite Crystal Healing Properties:

A brilliant crystal to reach for and work with when you yearn for higher and stronger connections and communications, be it with your guides, angels or soul mate. Aqua Calcite holds a powerful healing energy for past life traumas, gently guiding us to take better care of ourselves with positive self care rituals. A heart healing crystal that encourages us to be self forgiving, purging negative and stagnant emotions, whilst releasing damaging cycles of self neglect. Encouraging peace, bring in calming and compassion, whilst reducing anxiety and stress.

Use Aqua Calcite to help with your spiritual growth and ascension. 


Calcite History and Uses:

Calcite gets its name from the Greek word “chalix” meaning lime. It comes in a wide variety of colours including, red, green, orange, yellow, blue, pink, clear, black and white.  It is one of the most common minerals on Earth, making up the basis of limestone and marble, it takes many different forms and is formed in many different geological environments. Some forms fluoresce blue or red under UV light. It has been used to make cement and mortar and very clear translucent calcite has been used to make gun sights and geological (polarizing) microscopes.


Calcite Geological Description:

Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral with a hardness of 3. It comes in a wide variety of forms and colours and is found on every continent of the world. Calcite makes up the major part of marble and limestone. Orange Calcite usually occurs in massive rather than crystalline form and the best specimens come from Mexico.


    Being a natural product, each Aqua Calcite tumble will vary slight in size, shape and colour, making each crystal uniquely beautiful.


    Approx 2-3cm in size.