Half Polished Labradorite #2

Half Polished Labradorite #2

Beautiful blue flashes and some gold running through this batch of Half Polished Labradorite crystal pieces at La Luna.


Listed as 'Sold As Seen' this is piece number 2.


Reach for and work with this crystal to raise your awareness, determination, intuition and motivation, whilst keeping yourself grounded and protected.


These would look great on your desk, plus being a welcome distraction from work looking at those pretty flashes...


Keywords: Awareness, grounding, magic, intuition, protection

Chakras: All

Element: Wind

Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo


Labradorite Crystal Healing Properties:

Labradorite activates the inner eye allowing us to further develop our spiritual powers and psychic awareness. It can also assist in moving into alternate levels of consciousness and vibration, helping to consciously ‘move between the worlds, making it one magical crystal. Not only that but with it's ability to unite all of the Chakras, Labradorite can in turn help to strengthen the Aura. 

Increasing our attention, determination and motivation, wearing and working with this crystal will help to bring out the best in each of us.  It’s grounding properties can help us to feel safe, by helping to dispel fears and anxieties.


Labradorite History and Uses:

Labradorite is a stone which displays beautiful flashes of iridescent colours of blue, green, yellow, copper and grey. It gets it’s name from the location it was found in 1770 by Moravian missionaries in Labrador in Canada. It had been used by the native people of Maine for over a thousand years, Inuit people believed it to have been pieces of the Aurora Borealis which had fallen to earth. It has been used by shamans and healers as a stone of protection, self discovery and universal awareness.  In the 1940’s a type of Labradorite which displays the whole spectrum of colours was found in Finland and named Spectrolite.


Labradorite Geological Description:

Labradorite is a plagioclase feldspar, a sodium calcium aluminium silicate mineral with a hardness of 6 to 6.5. It is found in Canada, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia and the USA.


    Liste as 'Sold As Seen' meaning the Half Polished Labradorite crsytal you see photographed in this listing will be the actual piece you recieve, should you decide to order. 


    Approx 7- 10cm in size.