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Flower Agate Mini Bone

Flower Agate Mini Bone

Introducing the Flower Agate Mini Bone - a must-have for any dog loving crystal collector! Only six of these available!


These adorable mini bones are perfect for dog lovers and can even be wire-wrapped into jewellery pieces. Each bone is hand-carved from Flower Agate Crystal, featuring a cartoon-style design that resembles the bones our furry friends love to chew on.


Add a touch of cuteness to your crystal collection with a Flower Agate Mini Bone from La Luna.


Keywords: Emotional support, grounding, healing, passion, motivation, self growth

Chakras: Heart, Root

Element: Earth

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio


Flower Agate Crystal Healing Properties:

Flower Agate helps us reach our highest potential, protecting us from fears and self-doubt, inspiring us to manifest and nurture our dreams, whilst its energy ignites a passion to pursue dreams and live life to the fullest. In healing circles, it’s a crystal of growth and manifestation. If you feel that you are lacking in life, Flower Agate is the one to help you bloom, boosting feelings of joy and spontaneity whilst restoring emotional balance. Many find that this crystal helps to increase synchronicity in your daily life.

Flower Agate is believed to help reduce stress, anxiety, headaches and migraines as well as helping with insomnia.

Healers recommend flower agate to people experiencing significant traumas in life, or for people who go through hardships, who feel guarded and jaded and never have joy in their lives.  Can help you to feel comforted, safe, grounded, and strong.

A great crystal to reach for and work with when you wish to connect with the sacred feminine - an inspiring, empowering and healing energy that is deeply connected to Mother Earth.


Flower Agate History and Uses:

This mineral is a recent find out of Madagascar and has only been seen crystallised in the form of masses. It's usually found in a light pink colour with white “flower” inclusions. Flower Agate is very popular amongst craftsmen and carvers, not only for its eye-catching colours, but also for its chemical durability. One might find this crystal cut into many forms such as palm stones, pyramids, obelisks, free forms, and even tumbled.


Flower Agate Geological Description:

Flower Agate was first mined in 2018 in Madagascar,  it is a type of Agate with opaque Chalcedony inclusions that resemble tiny floral formations. It is light pink but has white chalcedony plumes. These plumes are three-dimensional, which makes them even more stunning. With a MOH hardness of 6.5 , almost as hard as quartz.


    Please note that being hand carved from a natural product, each Flower Agate Mini Bone will vary in colours, patterns, size and shape, making each crystal truly unique.