Extra Large Quartz Geode

Extra Large Quartz Geode

Check out this STUNNING Extra Large Quartz Geode, listed as 'Sold As Seen' at La Luna, meaning that this beauty you see right here, will be the actual piece you receive, should you decide to order. 

The tiny crystal formations within are so intricate and sparkly, you could study and play with it in the light for hours. To think they just come out of the ground like this, cracked open to reveal all that beauty inside!


This Geode set comes in two halves, well one half is a deep cave full of Quartz crystal points, and the other half is more like a lid to the cave but is just as interesting with some really good formations of the Quartz crystal going on here too.

Geodes hold a special energy that can help to bring in vibes of grounding, healing, luck and protection. Quartz is the Master Healer crystal that can help to energise us, whilst bringing in mental clarity. A powerful crystal to work with for affirmations, intentions and manifestations, due to it's ability to amplify resonance energies.


    Approx dimensions as follows;

    20cm long, 14cm wide and a depth of 12cm


    Weighs approx 2.5kg.