Druzy Blues Choker

Druzy Crystals are a formation of tiny sparkling crystals on the surface of a larger crystal body. Druzy gets its name from the word “druse,” which refers to a rock surface (usually a cavity) covered with tiny crystals, such as are found inside geodes or in larger pockets of mineral deposits.


These Druzy Crystals are all about creativity, imagination, relaxation and releasing negative emotions. Providing balance in your life to avoid depression, fear, sadness or feelings of abandonment. Reducing stress, whilst uplifting the emotions. Said to be a mirror of the soul, helping to release lingering negative emotions, experiences or trauma stuck within your heart centre. 


Please note that these have been dyed Blue, as a colour property, Blue can bring in calm, cooling, soothing vibes, as well as boosting feelings of freedom.


Check the video out to see it glisten and sparkle in the light!


    Being a natural product, each Druzy Blues Choker will vary slightly in size, shape and colour, making each one uniquely beautiful.

    Created with faux suede cord and silver plated findings.

    Chokers made at 13" - but please message me if you would like a specific size made for you.