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DIY Wire Wrap Pendants

DIY Wire Wrap Pendants

Wish you could make a pendant out of your favourite tumbled crystal but don't know how or not too great with little finicky details that jewellery making entails?


Well now you can with ease using one of these! 


DIY Wire Wrap Pendants from La Luna, silver plated, and all ready to go. All you need to do is position your fave tumble in the centre and use a combination of your fingers and maybe some pliers or a hard surface to push the prongs so they sit flush against the crystal.


The best part about these is your creativity! There's no rules where the prongs should go, so play about with it and create your own style of pendant.


    Silver plated copper material. 


    Do not get wet to ensure longetivity of the pendant. 


    Takes tumbles that are approx 2-3cm in size.


    Needle nose pliers would be helpful with these, but not entirely necessary to make it happen!