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Crystal Merkaba

Crystal Merkaba

Gorgous lil crystal Merkeeba carvings available in Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz.


The Merkaba is a sacred shape that is believed to have powerful spiritual properties helping us to reach higher states of consciousness.


The word Merkaba comes from two different words that can be translated as light for 'Mer', Spirit for "Ka" and body as "Ba", meaning spirit and body surrounded by Light.


Valued and used in many cultures and religions including the ancient Egyptian and Jewish religions.


A Merkaba-shaped crystal is an efficient tool that can be used in different ways to help us reach our full potential, especially when used during meditation practices and advanced Reiki healing.


Choose from;

Green Aventurine for healing, optmism and vitality.

Rose Quartz for emotional healing and Universal Love.


    Please note that being hand carved from a natural product, each Crystal Merkeba will vary slightly in colour, size and shape, making each one truly unique.


    Two crystal choices available, please select from the drop down list when adding to cart, then check the photo that comes up to ensure you are adding the one you want to cart.