Copper Bangle

Copper Bangle

Beautiful Copper Bracelets of various sizes with chain link or plait style designs.


These bracelets feature copper stubs designed to align with points in the wrist which studies have shown to help with symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. One size fits all as they are adjustable...


Available in four widths;

12mm for £4.50

16mm for £5

18mm for £5.50

24mm for £6


Please select which size you'd like from the drop down list when ordering and then check the photo that pops up before adding to cart to ensure you have selected the one you wish to receive.


    Made with copper metal material that you bend to fit your wrist.

    The metal does react with your perspiration and a green stain will appear on your skin. This stain can easily be removed with soap and water.

    Copper will naturally tarnish over time but can easily be cleaned with a metal polishing cloth, make sure to clean the inside of the bracelet as well as the outside.

    Do not get wet.