Cobalt Aura Tumbles

Cobalt Aura Tumbles

Cobalt Aura Quartz tumbled crystals new in at La Luna.


Created in a process where Clear Quartz is bonded with Cobalt and other precious metals to create this beautiful iridescent, royal blue colours that display beautiful rainbows with movement in the light.


All Aura Quartz crystals help bring in a better energy flow, to the self and the home or space where you place yours. They also help to cleanse and protect the Aura, hence the name.


Cobalt Aura crystals hold a fanastic, lifting energy that can help to make each day count, helping to increase our levels joy and optimism.


Reach for and work with this crystal when you need to stimulate the Throat Chakra, particularly if you hold back your true self expression in life, relationships and/or the workplace.

Not only good for the Throat Chakra! This little beaut will help stimulate the power of your Brow Chakra too,  particularly for those who wish to step to the next level with their clairvoyant and psychic abilities. Intuition will be heightened.


Cobalt Aura is fantastic for boosting creativity levels, helping to get our imaginations on top form.


Cobalt Aura is a highly vibrational crystal that is really good for boosting our healing abilities for the self and for others.


    Being a natural product, each Cobalt Aura Tumble will vary slightly in colour shades, shape and size, making each crystal truly unique.


    Approx 2-3cm in size.