Chunky Natural Quartz Points

Chunky Natural Quartz Points

Natural Clear Quartz Points now available online from La Luna.


Clear Quartz is considered the Master Healer and is a great crystal for clearing and cleansing, these points could be used to clear blockages from the Chakras as well as helping to align them, is particularly supportive of the Crown Chakra. Use when meditating to bring in a sense of greater understanding. 


Clear Quartz is also an amplifier for your other crystals, making them a great choice to boost the magic of your crystal grids too, see below for more info on this crystal:


Keywords: Programmability, amplification of ones intention, magnification of ambient energies, clearing, cleansing, healing, memory enhancement

Chakras: All

Element: Storm

Birthstone: April

Zodiac Signs: All

Wedding Anniversary: 3rd year

Number: 4


Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Properties:

Clear Quartz encourages clarity of thought and purpose to the heart and mind. It works on all levels of the energetic and physical bodies and resonates with all chakras. Clear Quartz will amplify any energy with which it moves into resonance, including other crystals, constantly broadcasting that energy into the Earths electromagnetic field. This makes Clear Quartz an excellent stone to use for healing, manifestation or prayer work. Clear Quartz helps to establish a strong, clear connection to higher guidance.


Clear Quartz History and Uses:

Clear Quartz has been used as a healing tool since the Ancient times. In Shamanic practices Clear Quartz is referred to as the “light-stone”, an instrument of clairvoyance. Clear Quartz was traditionally used by Australian Aborigines and the Prairie Indians of North America as a talisman for visionary work. The Navajo believed it to be Clear Quartz that first caused the Sun to cast its light upon the world. The six sided hexagonal shape of Quartz crystal points allow them to hold a programme or intention, to magnify that energy and radiate it out into the surrounding area.


Clear Quartz Geological Description:

Quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral with a hardness of 7. Its crystal system is hexagonal which grows in a large variety of formations. It is one of the most abundant minerals, found on every continent of the Earth, though much of the quartz available comes from Arkansas, Brazil and Madagascar. Crystal Quartz exhibits the property of piezoelectricity, by which it can transform mechanical energy (eg pressure) into electromagnetic energy and vice versa.


    Being a natural product, each Raw Small Chunky Quartz Point will vary from one to the next in opaquness, size and shape, making each one uniquely beautiful.


    Approx 3.5-6cm in size.