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Chakra Crystal Chip Bracelet

Chakra Crystal Chip Bracelet

Keep it cute with with one of La Luna's Chakra Crystal Chip Bracelets! Stack them up with your own crystal bracelets or with one of the other ones available at La Luna, the Amethyst, Quartz and Rose Quartz.


Wear this bracelet to keep your Chakras aligned, balanced and your overall vibe right! 


Root: Hematite

- for grounding and balance.


Sacral: Carnelian

- for confidence and motivation.


Solar: Yellow Jade

- for positivity and to ward off negativity.


Heart: Green Aventurine

- to boost well being and relaxation.


Throat: Sodalite

- for free communication and insight.


Brow: Amethyst

- for spiritual growth and protection.


Crown: Quartz

- the Master Healer that brings mental clarity


    Being a natural product, each Chakra Crystal Chip Bracelet will vary slightly in size, shapes and patterns in the crystal chips, making each bracelet uniquely beautiful to you!


    Approx size 7"

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