Chakra Choker

Chakra Choker

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Chakra is the new black! 🙌🏼


Make a statement with this simple yet effective Choker that can help align your chakras. Made with 7 crystal chips, one for each Chakra;


Hematite: a strong grounding energy for the Root Chakra


Carnelian: a positive energy for the Sacral Chakra that also boosts energy 


Aragonite: a stabilising energy that provides steady support for the Solar Plexus Chakra and boosts our confidence levels


Green Aventurine: a wonderful crystal for the Heart Chakra that can reduce stress and promote relaxation 


Sodalite: the Crystal of truth brings an excellent energy to the Throat Chakra


Amethyst: brings balance and harmony, opening the gate from the Third Eye Chakra to the Crown Chakra


Clear Quartz: helps focus & concentration of your thoughts, making this an excellent choice for the Crown Chakra, plus it's an amplifier crystal that will amplify the properties of the other Chakra Crystals!


    Being handcrafted with natural products, each Chakra Choker will vary slightly in colours and shapes of the crystal chips, making each one uniquely beautiful.

    Made with faux suede cord and metal findings, comes with adjustment chain at the back clasp. Choose from gold or silver plated findings...