Black Tourmaline + Agate Druze Slice Necklace

Black Tourmaline + Agate Druze Slice Necklace

Black Tourmaline + Agate Druze Slice Necklaces at La Luna, suspended from 18" silver plated belcher chains.


There is SO much going on in just one pendant here! It's an Agate slice with beautiful swirly patterns in the slice itself, with silver plated on the outside of the slice and then a gorgeous sparkly druze running along the inside. 


Completed with a piece of Raw Black Tourmaline hanging in the centre of the pendant.


The Agate will be grounding and protective for you whilst the Quartz druze will be bringing in some master healing vibes whilst amplifying the properties of the Agate. The Raw Black Tourmaline will be bringing in that extra boost of protection for you.


Black Tourmaline protects from ALL types of negative energy and is good at protecting the body from electromagnetic smog/stress - handy if you work with computers a lot!


    You can select which pendant you'd like from the drop down list when adding to cart, just select a number then see what photo pops up under that selection to pick the one you would like.


    Suspended from 18" Silver plated belcher chains and findings.


    Do not get wet.


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