Black Obsidian Crystal Facial Roller

Black Obsidian Crystal Facial Roller

Send eye bags packing with one of La Luna's Crystal Facial Rollers!

Using these regularly will help to improve fluid tissue circulation, which in turn will help to reduce puffiness and support lymphatic function.


Perfect for counteracting tell-tale signs of too-late nights (or too many cocktails), this is also the ideal excuse for some end-of-day ‘me time’ – soothing post-work stresses and enhancing your evening time skin care routine.


Black Obsidian has long been used for protection and courage in ancient times but is also a great balancing crystal. Making it the perfect roller to help improve imbalances of the skin, such as acne, breakouts, exzema, combination problems and so on....


Not only that but one of the reason's it's considered a great crystal for protection is it's ability to to absorb negativity, which is what it's going to do as you roll this smooth glassy, ebony crystal across your face, it's going to help to absorb negative energy from you, all whilst promoting inner balance, peace and the feeling of being anchored and grounded. 


Working with a Black Obsidian Facial Roller each morning is also going to help you create a protective shield from negative energy, what a fantastic way to start your day!


    Created with a natural product, semi precious stone, each Crystal Facial Roller will vary sligthly in colour, shape and size, making each one truly unique.

    Each roller comes with two rotating heads.

    Can be placed in fridge for a cooling treatment.

    Comes boxed complete with instructions on how to use, with diagrams.


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