Bi-Colour Lepidolite with Mica

Bi-Colour Lepidolite with Mica

New in at La Luna are these Bi-colour Lepidolite with Mica crystal slabs, they are so fascinating, the Mica present gives the overall crystal a metallic sheen and the flash in the sunlight so pretty!


Available in three sizes, small pieces for £1, medium pieces for £2 and large pieces for £2.50, only have two of the larger pieces though.


Reach for this crystal when you are feeling uptight, stressed and in need of some relief and relaxation, and to accept a situation for what it is so you can move on. Fantastic to meditate with too.


Keywords: Emotional healing, balance, transformation, trust, relaxation, stress relief

Chakras: All, especially heart and third eye

Element: Water

Zodiac Signs: Virgo, Libra, Capricorn

Number: 8


Lepidolite Crystal Healing Properties:

This crystal can assist us in making positive life changes. Helps to boost confidence, trust & acceptance. Lepidolite is deeply relaxing and one of the most powerful stones for countering stress, worry, fear and grief. It allows us to find a strong, stable, emotional centre and prevents extreme emotional shifts. Lepidolite assists us to perceive and release past emotional trauma which we may still be unconsciously holding on to and allows us to live fully in the present moment. It is believed to curb hyperactivity and assist with sleep disorders.


Lepidolite History and Uses:

Lepidolite comes from the Latin word lepidos meaning scale and refers to the growing habit of some types of this crystal which form in layers. Its high lithium content means it has been traditionally used to alleviate conditions of anxiety and depression.


Lepidolite Geological Description:

Lepidolite is a potassium lithium aluminium silicate with a hardness of 2.5 to 3. Deposits have been found in Africa, Brazil, Greenland and the USA.


    Being a natural product each Bi-colour Lepidolite with Mica crystal will vary in colours, pattern, size and shape, making each one uniquely beautiful.


    Small pieces are £1 and approx 1-2cm in size.

    Medium pieces are £2 and approx 3-4cm in size.

    Large pieces are £2.50 and approxe 4-6cm in size.


    Please select which size you'd like when ordering from the drop down list, then check the photo that comes up to ensure that you have the size you desire before adding to cart.


    Do not submerg in water.


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