Balancing Lava Diffuser Bracelet

Balancing Lava Diffuser Bracelet

These ones happened by accident in my demo during one of La Luna's Crystal Bracelet  Workshop, I was trying to demonstrate how to create a crystal healing bracelet to bring in certain energies with, and this example was for balance.


I’m loving the colour combinations of the black lava and onyx against the pale pink rose quartz and marbled white Howlite, then the textured Lava beads on top of all this too...


Here's a little breakdown of the crystals used to create this bracelet, along with their healing properties:

Black Onyx to bring in balance, centering and grounding.

Howlite for patience and understanding.

Rose Quartz to bring in emotional healing and balance.

Clear Quartz for mental clarity whilst amplifying the properties of the entire bracelet, including the Lava Beads which hold both Earth & Fire energies, again bringing in that balance to give you just the right boost of energy whilst keeping you firmly grounded to Mother Earth.


Use with essential oils to bring in more balance, such as Bergamot, Geranium, Lime and/or Ylang-Ylang.


    Being made with natural materials, each Balancing Lava Diffuser Bracelet will vary very slightly in colours and patterns, making each one beautifully unique.


    Please note there are three main sizes for these bracelets, please select your size when ordering, here's a breakdown below:

    Small - 6-7"

    Medium - 7-8"

    Large - 8-8.5"

    - can create a custom size, just message me for details.