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Autumn Equinox Crystal Candle

Autumn Equinox Crystal Candle

Autumn Equinox Crystal Candle, new in from Lights of La Luna.


These candles are small batch made at La Luna using an eco wax blend of coconut and soy, a special blend of pure essential oils, infused with crystals and topped with a dusting of Cinnamon spice, all to help you harness the energies of the Autumn Equinox.


The special blend of essential oils is to recreate those cosy Autumn vibes, as well as festive times coming soon. You have strong, warming initial scents of Cinnamon, Clove and Nutmeg - all well known for their warming and uplifting properties. Then these spicy aromas are generously sweetened with Sweet Orange to help further melt away tension, some fruity yet aromatic Cardamon as well as a burst of empowering Ginger to help bring in balance. 


All these essential oils meld together to create an aroma that's sure to raise your vibration as well as helping to bring some abundance and feelings of goodwill into your space. 


The wooden wick adds a subtle crackling bonfire sound that brings a comforting ambience, especially when it's cold outside.


Infused with crystal chips, that have been carefully selected to help boost your senses during the Autumn Equinox and beyond.



A crystal of action, motivation and for embracing change


Clear Quartz:

Cleanses and clears away negativity, whilst bringing clarity to mind


Red Jasper:

To boost your confidence, energy and stamina levels


Cinnamon spice brings in energies of abundance, peace, transformation and wisdom. 


The Pine Cones also help with abundance as well as creativity, enlightenment and protection.