Aurora Wall Hanging

Aurora Wall Hanging

Meet Aurora....she looks simply stunning against a dark wall.


Handcrafted crystal wall hanging created with Ivory recycled sari silk, home dried flowers and of course, crystals! Not just any crystals, Aura crystals! 


Aura crystals are natural crystals that have been bonded in a process with precious metals, in this case Platinum.


Not only does this treatment create pretty rainbows across the surface of the crystsal, it brings in its own grounding and amplifying properties that enhance not only the appearance of the crystal, but also its energy.


On this piece you will find an Opal Aura natural point crystal on the left, and an Amethyst Aura natural point crystal on the right.


Aura crystals can help to cleanse your aura with loving energy. They can help to create a better energy flow in the home.


Amethst Aura will help to bring in strong calming vibes, balanced emotions, peace + serenity. 

Opal Aura will help to bring in joy, hope, optimism, love as well as healing hurt and traumas. Will help to boost the immune system whilst bringing the whole body into balance.


A one off, original creation that won't be recreated, making it truly unique.


    Please note that this is a delicate item.

    Handcrafted with wood, sari silks, crystals and dried flowers. 

    Please take extra care when unpacking your item. Should you decide to order Aurora Wall Hanging, she will be anchored in with cables and carefully protected with lots of tissue paper. 


    Dimensions as follows;

    136cm long by 24cm wide.


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