Aries Season Box

The Aries Season Box Set from La Luna.


Perfect for Aries birthday gifts but actually suitable for everyone to get through and help harness the energies around to the best of their advantage...


Filled with goodies to help you be the best version of yourself you will find;


Info Card:

This sheet will give you a brief low down on what to expect during the Aries season as well as an explanation of what's in your box and when best to use each item. Complete with a little affirmation and mantra at the end.


New Moon in Aries Meditation Card:

To set intentions during this zodiac season, best done around a New Moon, but it's Aries themed, so it can be done anytime during this season. I've even hand painted a little watercolour moon on this, in red as this colour is connected to this sign.


Aries Season Crystal Infused Essential Oil Roller:

Fab to use on your pressure points as and when desired....made with grounding Sandalwood, uplifting Bergamot, boosted by the power of crystals! All specially selected as connected to this sign.


Spring Equinox Candle:

Smells great, perfect to burn when meditaiting or whenever you feel to connect with the Spring Energies around...made with pure essential oils and plant wax, boosted with crystals too!


Bloodstone Obliesk: 

An Aries crystal. Brings in courage, grounding, purifying, strength, boosts vitality and holds an amazing warrior energy to it.


Iolite Bracelet:

Wear daily for calm, creativity, inner vision, insight and focus. It's real pretty in the light!


Raw Blue Calcite:

Reach fo this crystal when you feel hot headed or in need of some serious calming vibes.


Aries Season Salt Soak:

Made with Himalayan Salt, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Golden Jojoba, Rose Petals and Red Jasper Crystals. Perfect to enjoy on the evening the Full Moon during this season.


    Please note that these boxes have been created with natural products so the products may vary slightly in shape, colour and size from box to box, making each one unique for you.

    Only three of these are available.

    Sold separately in the shop all items would total to £58. La Luna will not be selling the items separately at this moment in time.