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Amethyst + Agate Teardrop Pendant - Sterling Silver

Amethyst + Agate Teardrop Pendant - Sterling Silver

Introducing the Amethyst + Agate Teardrop Pendant.


Featuring fantastic patterns in the teardrop shaped cabchon that has Amethyst and Agate in one piece, this will bring in energies of calm, healing and grounding, helping to purify negative energies and bring in stability.


Surrounded by a decorative silver border, this piece almost glows in the right light at the right angle. Goes very well as a set with La Luna's Amethyst + Agate Crescent Moon Ring.

See last photo of the pair together.


Only one available.


    Handmade in the UK.


    Made with ethically sourced, genuine Amethyst + Agate crystal and recycled silver.


    Comes boxed.